Night Nurse


A big thumbs up & a show of hands for the dudes at Dead Man’s Finger Spiced Rum for this moreish medicinal magic! Laced with notes of apricot brandy, guava, passion fruit, pumpkin, lime & bitters. This powerful pint is served with LCC’s latest offering… the ‘Hangover On Board’ badge!

Return Of The Whisky Mac


TommyD & the 8Fam are going straight to No.1! The return of the musical maestros is hooking us up with an absolute hit! They’re back in the game & definitely leaving their Mark with tonight’s headline act of; 8O8 Whisky, King’s Ginger Liqueur, lemon, Peychaud Bitters & egg white!

Chase The Rainbow

In Season

Turns out there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow & it’s filled to the brim with booze! This skittle tangy tropical triumph is sure to blow your mind! Come & ‘taste the Wraybow’ with our Skittles infused Wray & Nephew Rum, Cointreau, mango, grenadine, lemon & grapefruit. Topped off with an energizing spritz of Red Bull Tropical!

Mint Choc City Bitch


It was always mint to be with this brew-tifully boozy beverage that’s gonna keep you going ‘After Eight’! Takin’ inspo from industry icon Dick Bradsell, it’s an LCC r-r-remix & refreshing riff with the mighty Mr Black Coffee Liqueur shaken with Malibu, Fernet Branca, coffee & creamy coconut.