Fairground Spritz

In Season

Step right up & hit the fairground, cause we promise you some serious lip-smaking eye candy. Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin is shaken up with Aperol, Monin Candyfloss Syrup, lemon, strawberry & a drop of fizz to bring you that true taste of nostalgia. Served up with a spike of candy floss for satisfaction guaranteed.

Pop my Cherry


Here’s one sexy sip that you may cherry well lose ya s**t for! Bulleit Bourbon, lemon, sugar & egg white… WAIT! Sounds too simple for LCC so we’ve supersized our kinky concoction with a grenadine, maraschino & strawberry jam foam for some sweet meringue feels. “It’s like a sweet cherry pie”!

Picnic with Puffins


You’re all gonna be flocking for this libation to wet your beak, cause we’ve taken inspo from Iceland itself for this absolutely ace veggie dreamboat. Reyka Icelandic Vodka muddled with cherry tomatoes, mint, cucumber, elderflower & lemon, all together makes for a real refreshing revelation. Skál



Certain to cure all matters of heartbreak & headaches, here’s an elixir that’s right on the money. The LCC pharmacists are prescribing you some medicinal magic with Naked Grouse & Laphroaig whisky’s balanced with lemon & our own honey ginger syrup. All washed down with a splash of ginger beer will get you set for the night.