Gin Martini

  • 50ml Oxley English Dry Gin
  • Splash Martini Extra Dry

Wash the ice in your mixing glass with vermouth. Strain out the dilution leaving just the core ice cubes coated in the Martini. For an extra dry martini just add the gin by its self. For “dry” add 7.5ml of martini (1:8) and for wet we recommend 15ml martini (1:4). When it comes to garnishing, lemon, olive, onion, gherkin they all work well…. So why not put them all on the side?

1888, was the magical year that the word Martini was first mentioned in print, Martini appeared in the “New and Improved Illustrated Bartending Manual”. There are other theories of the evolution from the Martinez. But all we know is that we love this drink!